Why we need your support.

Today we are hoping beyond hope that the Muslim Hands grant transfer will arrive soon which covers our rent expense and a portion of the food. (fingers crossed). The last three months have been very difficult because we have been struggling to pay rent, feed 20 plus children at Chez Kristo Home properly, pay for

Rock City Charity Iftar & Eid Mubarak!!

This month, Ramadhan has been a blessing to Chez Kristo Home. First, we are greatful to The Muslim Hands-France, who has sponsored our work here in Mwanza-Tanzania. They have paid our rent and provided food and school fees to our children, who would otherwise end up on the streets, relapsing into illitracy, neglected, homeless, cold

The Artistic thrills at Chez Kristo Home

This week was a busy one for us at our Mwanza Project.  We have been sending our children back to school for them to begin their term two studies as other school going children around the republic. It has been an exciting week too as we make our immediate envrionment beautiful by giving our estblishements an

The second term of school begins!!

Today, all the school going children in Tanzania resume class. Apart from the first 5 at Joyland School, we have another 2 and 3 boys, who have joined Mnarani and Bwiru schools respectively. Our children are so excited to go and learn with their peers in school. We still need to send the remaining 9

Paul Naumann, Thomas Lowdes & Fabian Kerwagen.

  It is amazing what friends can do, it is even more amazing how much value Paul, Thomas and Fabian have added to our Street Kids half shelter project in Mwanza-Tanzania. Last month we hosted our three friends over the weekend of the 25th. They played soccer, donated clothes, offered free treatment, made German potatoe