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April Update from Chez Kristo

Dear friends and family,

April has been a trying month for Voices of Africa, but as always we are able to get by with a little help from our friends. We appreciate the support given to us by Mediterraneo Dar es Salaam and by Rebecca Shaw. Mediterraneo generously has provided for the education for all the children for the month. Rebecca Shaw came to visit from the UK and support Chez by giving each child football jerseys, sports shoes, and helping with our cleaning supplies.

DSCF3356 DSCF3111

Our 5 youngest boys are still going to school at Joyworld. The headmistress says they are doing great and making progress daily. There has been a number of challenges and hurdles to climb to get the other children in school, but the government is finally cooperating. We expect to have all of the children happily in class in May. The local government officials have been coming to visit us and giving sound advice on the processes of the endless bureaucracy here in Tanzania. We are very thankful for their support.

DSCF3175 DSCF3206

After months of waiting and pushing our organization has finally received official trust status in Tanzania enabling us to support and provide better services to the women and children of Tanzania with the blessing of the national government. We thank everyone who has been helpful and instrumental in this process.

DSCF3081 DSCF3072

This month the Chez Kristo house has started undergoing renovations and will be painted and sparkling. We are looking for help and support to buy permanent beds and furniture for Chez Kristo. If you want to help, the beds are $100 each and we are in need of 12 in total for of the children and staff. We are in the process of having the first one made so we can post the picture and you can see what we are hoping to provide. For each donor, we will post a photo of the bed and the children who will be sleeping there.



Annual Report 2014

VOAF Annual Report 2014

Boxes of Love! Show African children you love them!

We are running a new campaign!

Boxes of Love is an invitation to everyone who has a Shoebox and a few extra items in the house to send love to children in Africa. Our preference is for the things on our Wish List but we would love anything as we are starting with nothing. We have four children’s homes in Mwanza working together to serve over 100 children! In our women’s health project in Magu we will be able to serve thousands of women. None of us can do it alone, but if we can all fill a Shoebox of Love we can make REAL things happen and change lives.

We request that each Box of Love weighs no more than one pound and has $5 (or 5 pounds) inside to pay for the shipping.

Be SURE to add a picture of yourself for our Wall of Love photo collage project. So your gift of Love will stay with us.

In the United States send to Voices of Africa c/o Kevin Borgersen  @ 144 Stewart St Asheville NC 28806.

In UK message us for an address.


If you want to send to us directly send to Voices of Africa PO Box 1120 Mwanza TZ. Care of Crystal Kigoni only. And write community donations not for resale in big letters on the box.

Questions? Contact us.


Homemade Football


Update from Crystal

The past few months have been incredible for Voices of Africa Foundation. We started our Chezo Kristo project with 28 boys the beginning of July after many weeks of Super Sunday outreach. Boys come and go as we are a free school not a prison, but we believe the 20 we have now will stay.

We rented a house for the boys. There aren’t any furnishings yet but surely it is better than sleeping outside hiding between rocks fearing discovery by the police.


We have purchased books and Fiesta, Ali, and Collins are actively teaching classes daily.


Education is priceless!

It is wonderful to see the children grow and learn. Before the year is finished we are hoping to have a proper outdoor classroom.

Mwalimu Fiesta teaching

Mwalimu Fiesta teaching

Our shamba is in full swing and is growing much of our vegetable supply. It has been a battle and learning process about tropical bugs and diseases. However we have found organic ways to combat the worst of it.


Groundnut crop

Our member, Collins, brought a motorcycle for the staff to use…


And just two days go our little family organization got our first car!

The happy family welcoming the sweet Bush Beast!

The happy family welcoming the sweet Bush Beast!

Oh, the places we will go!

Our newly beloved Bush Beast

Our newly beloved Bush Beast

Things are going great here at Voices of Africa and the sky is the limit!



We welcome you to join us! Karibu sana rafiki!

Voices of Africa Health Day

This week we took our kids to the Hospital for Health checkup ,where they got HIV and AIDS Counselling.

We thank God all our kids and Staff are healthy and HIV Free 🙂

































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