Kids for Africa

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Kids of Africa is an organization that aims to combat the desperation of homeless street children in Tanzania while giving them a life of meaning and sustenance. We assists them with self-development and entrepreneurship thus enabling self-sufficiency.

A society where children are defined by their dreams and possibilities – not their circumstances.

To create a platform for restoring hope and aspiring dreams for children left behind, allowing them to integrate into a self-sustaining community It’s estimated that there are more than 3.5million homeless kids and youth in East Africa. This is a prominent yet still vastly overlooked issue, we are working on long-term needs and goals such as self sustenance through production skills training, personal rights, character and personal development.

Our organization was built as a result of 10 months of researching and studying the lives and experiences of homeless street children  with the mentorship of Rich Nadworny  of Dartmouth college’s dickey center; using Human centered design (design thinking) tools.

Quick pitch of what we have built:

For homeless street children who society leaves behind, our Safe Drop In Space provides shelter, food, character education and health assistance to attain personal development and wellbeing. Unlike typical shelter homes, through our Alternative Education Lab we focus on sustainable reform by training these children to become economically secure through hands-on vocational training  and after guide them to use human centered design to create income generating project and build them to self-sustain.

Goal: to create a platform of business creation, dreams aspiration and hope restoration so as to constitute a self sustaining community and ensure future surpassing productivity amongst homeless children from underprivileged communities.

What we do:

We have built   –  a  Safe  “Drop in space”

A safe place for homeless young people between 12 – 18 yrs old, to protect their vulnerability from negative effects of homelessness while simultaneously transitioning to an engaging community environment, they attain basic needs and access essential resources for their well-being.


Character education & interpersonal skills: Manners, self-awareness, responsibility, communication, self-confidence, time management etc.
Therapeutic assistance: psychological assessments, counselling, recreational therapy and social work programs.
Health and well-being: medical check-ups, medications and basic health procedures.
Basic Necessities: Beds, food, clean water, living space, etc.

We are running an –  “Alternative Education Lab”
Practically teaching homeless youth left behind, life and vocational skills. Children are natural problem solvers we have proven that with guidance and mentorship homeless street kids can learn productive skills, design their own income generating projects and build them to self-sustain.
Vocational skills: hands-on training on a young person’s area of interest eg. Arts & crafts, technology, constructions, mechanical, textile printing and tailoring, shoe making, carpentry and woodwork etc.

Design thinking and problem solving skills: After learning vocational skills, we take these children back to the communities they came from to learn, observe, recognize opportunities and independently build services or create products that cater the needs of people in those areas and afterwards test them to see if they are viable.

Entrepreneurship and Business development: Assist these kids/youth as they start their projects with basic knowledge of business and project management, marketing, financial literacy, record keeping and sales etc. (We have follow up programs for at least 6 months for each project.)

UNIQUE FACTOR: Lifelong impact of productivity and economic empowerment:

As we focus on transformation and reform  the skills children acquire are transferable and can be passed down to others in their communities. We have worked from scratch to innovate our organization’s approach model and it has proven to be effective.


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Plot BB 11,
Dr. Salmin street
P.O.Box 1001
Singida, Tanzania
Mob: + 255 762 368 010
Email: info@kidsofafrica.org
Web: www.kidsofafrica.org

Founded by:  Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi
-YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Fellow (RLC)  – 2016
– Executive Partner – Darecha Tanzania (2015 commonwealth development work awardee – UK)
– Co-founder – Thinkers Technologies & Consultants Co. LTD
– IVLP Awardee Fellow (US) – Business and Entrepreneurship 2013
– ICT  – Kampala University
– 26 years , Tanzanian

Here at  Kids of Africa – We believe in the dream of the  “Africa” we want, the continent without homeless street children as a sign of desperation, inhumanity  and extreme poverty.
To that dream, we are putting work on