Sauti za Africa Recording Studio

Ambrose Akula Akwabi a.k.a. Dunga is a musician, a producer, a singer and a rapper. He maintains he is a musician first, however. Kenyan by origin and based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, he is also a performing artiste; keyboardist and guitarist. He is the main force behind the development of the Sauti za Africa Recording Studio. Ambrose was looking for a way to spread his knowledge and to share the opportunity of recording with his community. As a creative talent and producer, he wants to share his love of music with those without the means to otherwise make recordings.

Under Mandugu Digital hits like ‘Mr. Politician’ by Nakaaya featuring M1, ‘Hapo Sawa’ by Professor Jay, ‘Anita’ by Matonya, ‘Natamani’ by MB Dogg, ‘Compe’ by Bamboo (featured in the soundtrack for HBO film ‘Primeval’, ”Chochote Popote’ by Jo Makini, ‘Baye Bayo’ by Loon featuring Ibra da Hussla and D gritty, ‘The Red, Black and Green’ by Kalamashaka featuring M1 from Dead Prez and Ummi emerged.

Although committed to seeing creative talent enter the scene in the best way possible, Ambrose has worked with award winning film producer Micheal Wanguhu (Hip Hop Colony) on the music score for ‘Ni Wakati’, which was released in early 2011. Additionally, he’s produced theme songs and soundtracks such as ‘Njooni Watoto’ a children’s radio and TV program in Kiswahili and a TV series ‘The Agency’, which ran on Mnet for 13 weeks. He is also in the recording phase of a series of 6 radio interviews with female Tanzanian musicians.

He is currently collaborating with Trinity Pro-Motions, an event and talent management entity in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and as a result has three albums out! Sauda Simba’s ‘Sauti Ya Sauda’ (TZ), Kama of Kshaka’s ‘Amka’ (Kenya), and Mandugu Digital Vol. 1, a compilation featuring artistes from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Dunga is also a judge at Str8t Muzik’s Freestyle and DJing Talent Search that is currently running. Diversifying further Dunga is also promoting ‘Mean Love’, a track he produced and collaboed with Pretty Poet that will be in a joint album project called ‘Work In Progress’. You can buy ‘Mean Love’ at Amazon, iTunes, and Napster.

Dunga’s long term plan is to ‘package and export my talent and the talent of those I work with to the whole world and beyond!’. Current projects include Santuri Safari East Africa Rising.