Nchambi tops his class!

Street children in Tanzania suffer a great deal. Most of them are neglected & abused, and left homeless to fend for themselves. As i write this, it is a cold and chilly morning in Mwanza. I am wondering who will provide them a warm jacket or get them a warm bowl of porridge like their peers? I am deeply saddened […]

Gomba re-unites with his family!

Anytime we have an opportunity to impact lives, we swing into action and activate lovely memories. And everytime a prodigal son returns home, there is celebration in heaven & on earth and joy beyond measure. This is a story about Gomba (a.k.a James-his street name). Gomba left home sometime in January this year, and left a void that could not […]

From the Streets to Position 7!

    Kulwa Maneno (A.K.A Ntagwa)┬áhas been an amaizing child ever since we met him. This term, he has done very well and emerged position 7 out of a class of 30 children in Joyland School. We found him on the streets of Mwanza -Tanzania, homeless, hungry and clad in tattered clothes. As if that is not enough, his profile […]

Gikuru Group CSR Bed Donation

                  Voices of Africa Trust is forever grateful to The Gikuru Group of Companies for inviting our team to Grace their auspicious 10th Anniversary on 23rd May 2015. Our children had a good time and left the guests thrilled by performing their acrobatic maneuvers. We are blessed that the Gikuru Group has […]