Imagineering new 3D printing business opportunities

The World Bank and COSTECH-supported ReFab Dar project is an experiment designed to help Tanzanians embrace 3D printing as a solution to democratize manufacturing and in doing so to create small businesses that tackle unemployment. Our “Introduction to 3D printing” workshops have been successful in raising awareness of the availability of 3D printers and the basics requirements for 3D printing. […]

Field Trip to STIC Lab

On February 27, ReFab Dar took a field trip to see STIC Lab‘s the new Tech for Trade designed 3D printer mini-factory and PET plastic extruder that is being fined tuned and creating test filament. Aboard a 25 seater Coaster bus, we prepared to travel outside of Dar es Salaam to an village called Kitunda. We were a mixed bag […]