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3D Design Workshop for Artists at Nafasi Art Space with Kuunda 3D

The last week of June, ReFab Dar and Kuunda 3D held a 3D printing for artists and designers workshop for 4 days at Nafasi Art Space.

During the course of the training, Kuunda 3D covered:

  • Introduction to 3D printing,
  • Introduction to ReFab Dar,
  • Introduction to Kuunda 3D,
  • Examples of 3D printing around the world,
  • How to take a product from idea into a 3D printed reality,
  • 123D Design software,
  • TinkerCAD software,
  • Tutorials on software,
  • Explaining printing with and without supports,
  • Going over why designs did or did not work when attempting to print,
  • Printing service costs.


The participant were mostly artists in residence at Nafasi and students. More than half of the class was women. Many of the particiapnts were pursuing art careers in scultupture, fashion design, assessories, painting, and drawing. The workshop began with seventeen participants with nine attending until the final day of the training. Seven additional participants registered but did not attend any sessions. A few of the participants were students and had to attend classes on Thursday and Friday, and another was ill on Thursday and Friday.

Items Designed & Printed

In total we received 19 print-ready designs, plus several downloaded designs. On the last day, several designs were printed. Here is a gallery of a selection of the designs printed.