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3D empowerment: 3D printing

3D empowerment: 3D printing

Voices of Africa Foundation has worked in 3D printing in the past and it was a wonderful project using amazing technology. Learning by doing and making can be incredibly powerful. We learned so much we can carry forward to today. Our objective is to have three projects in 2021. Our pads projects, a 3D printer for Pwani Teknowgals, and a Flow Hive for a small beekeeping woman’s group in Kakamega. All of our projects feature a new technology to be field-tested that is environmentally beneficial or zero waste.

Pwani Teknowgals is a brand new tech hub that opened in Mombasa, Kenya. They do not yet offer 3D printing or other maker training. We are excited to partner with them and plan to purchase a new Ultimaker 3D printer from Beth Rogers and Kuunda 3D for their new training location. Voices of Africa will facilitate distance learning and lessons until local teachers can be trained. 3D printing technology has the power to bring these girl’s dreams to life. It is extremely empowering to know how to design something and to watch it be created before your very eyes layer by layer.

Some examples of 3D printed tools

We will go back to work in some way with our 3D printed maternal safe delivery kits and other medical tools. First, we have to raise the funds for the printer. Then, we will be able to explore the most necessary prenatal and birthing kit items to supply, and how do we build the capacity of midwives and other healthcare providers.

We believe that all the tools for the development in Africa are there if there is only a transfer of technology to give girls a level playing field. This is a necessity to empower girls to grow to their full potential. It is a small investment for a worthwhile cause with real impact.

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