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3D printing in Africa, 3D printing at home.

3D printing in Africa, 3D printing at home.

3D printing in Africa, 3D printing at home.

Why idealize when we can materialize, having all at our finger tips. Imagining and creating beyond our expectation, not having to depend and wait for everything to be made for us. Making the dormant ideas become activated and switched to reality.

All great things started small, with a push of looking for ways to make Africa to be more innovative and creative. 3D printing can revolutionize and change the perception of our lives. 3D printing can push the limits of personalizing the needs at hand by creating resourceful tools and aids.

Might not make such a drastic change today but I believe there is a great future with 3D printing in Africa. 3D printing is offering various opportunities in medicine, education, agriculture, architecture and some much more. Taking the chance to work together in order to persuade the change of incorporating 3D printing in the system.

As we move into the future, 3D printing will start to become a common term in the technology industry. It is clearly a challenging problem, and it’s likely that it won’t succeed without all the significant contributions that have to be made during a period of time. I am looking forward for the future with this technology and playing my part to make a change. Let’s us all play our parts, lets us all work together because I know we will have more fun at it like that.

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