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April Update

April Update

From the beginning of April until now has been a whirlwind ending in a blur. Where do I begin? I met a lovely man named Stanley at a hotel who is bringing his mining company to Tanzania. I was impressed with his work and he with mine. He introduced e to one of his investing partners, KaratBars International. In only a few weeks I was whisked off to Miami for the biggest blessing of our lives. KaratBars international has created a series of gold cards, literally cards with 1 gram of gold in them, for Voices of Africa!


Phoenix counting KaratBar member donations next to the Voices of Africa KaratBars card and the “Pope” card designed by the Vatican.

This ingenious company wants to mine gold in Africa using fair trade principles and donate the funds to our organization so we cn make sure that each and every miner in each and every mine site benefits. To start they have given us a “down payment” of $5830 in a single day. This has gone to buy equipment needed for projects, food for the street kids, art supplies and materials, first aid for local doctors, and so much more. We are using these funds to register our organization in Tanzania, hire and pay new staff members, and to enable us to have the organizational status to open our bank account in Tanzania so that Muslim Hands can send the $21,000 required for the TabLab projects in 5 schools and to take care of the 20 street children full time!


We are so blessed! It is beyond all of our human understanding. We want others to join with us to help us to bless others and to make love reign in the heart and lives of all involved.

If you want to make a donation check out our new paypal button on the right hand of the website! More photos and info coming as soon as we stop spinning in gratitude!

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