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August Update and Thank you to WorldLink Travel and Tours!

August Update and Thank you to WorldLink Travel and Tours!

11942330_953384604700350_8359954973814525362_oAt Voices of Africa, August has been a roller coaster of a month. Much has been happening at the Chez Kristo Children’s Home! This beautiful house on the shore of Lake Victoria now houses 16 boys ona permanent basis and is there to be a beacon of hope, love, and support for all the street children in Mwanza when they have no where else to turn.

Over the past year the organization has become the life support for many children who have found themselves living ont he street. Our permanent residents are children who have no where to be able to call home, no parents to care for them, and would otherwise have little hope for a decent life.


First we would like to thank WorldLink Travel and Tours for joining as one of our Corporate Social Responsibility sponsors. WorldLink’s support this month has paid for rent and food for Chez Kristo and we are extremely appreciative of their generosity. Please visit them online for all your travel related needs as a percentage of each airline ticket and tour sold goes to benefit our boys.




This month we hosted two fantastic volunteers working with Amadeus from Spain. We held a successful Community Coffee with many members of the local Mwanza community coming to show support for the project and to find out more information abut our programs and projects. We signed an MOU with BookAid International to provide books for our boys and more than 10 public schools in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza in 2016.


However we have had and are facing our share of difficulties, our expected Muslim Hands funds have been cancelled due to banking laws in France. If we cannot find a way to make up for the $15,000 of income we will not receive we will have to reduce our project and programs. The first thing to go will be the farm house where the volunteers and staff lives and where the children learn their farming and agriculture skills. This would be a huge loss to the program unless we manage to come up with $1000 for rent by the end of this week we will have no choice but to move. We pray this is not the outcome and that someone will come to help us.

If you can make a monthly donation or a corporate social responsibility pledge please do so. This requires a team effort and we need all hands on deck.


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