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WaterScope Microscopes

3D printed digital microscope Waterscope is an organization that created a digital microscope designed for the detection microorganisms and other pollutants in water. For the purpose of empowering the bottom billion to secure clean water. There are billions of people that lack clean safe drinking water and death occurring because of waterborne diseases. Due the

Ups and Downs of 3D Printing in Africa

Ups and Downs of 3D Printing in Africa There are benefits and obstacles of using 3D printing in TANZANIA(AFRICA) as addressed in the following reasons; Advantages Limited markets, with less product choice comparatively to the global north, particularly in more rural areas, drives the desire for customization. It is more difficult to source the part

Prinpo Technologies

Today’s buyers demand mass customization, local production and sustainable materials, all of which 3D printing can provide. Now let us look at 3D printing in the education system. It lets us solve more problems physically than just mentally. Revolutionizing the way of learning. Incorporating the imaginative ideas into reality. Let’s us not just think of

Makers movement with 3D Printing

Making Makers! An important current trend is the Makers Movement. When applied to healthcare, patients can hack their illnesses with simple modifications and brainstorming. Patients are making a difference by driving solutions in their own care, on an individual case-by-case basis. A cornerstone of the Makers Movement is 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, one

3D printing in Africa, 3D printing at home.

3D printing in Africa, 3D printing at home. Why idealize when we can materialize, having all at our finger tips. Imagining and creating beyond our expectation, not having to depend and wait for everything to be made for us. Making the dormant ideas become activated and switched to reality. All great things started small, with