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Marow’s Basin

  This is Marow. Marow is 13 years old and he lives between the rocks in Mwanza as he has nowhere to call home. When we met Marow he was washing clothes in a broken basin with a very small amount of water and no soap. When we asked what he needed he said he

Beautiful horrible places

I am in love with beautiful horrible places. Mwanza is one such place. The lake it picturesque and the views divine. Yet disease runs rampant, poverty destroys lives and breaks families. Children are frequently abandoned due to lack of food. The environmental elements are spectacular, but the human suffering is equally astonishing. Recently, I heard

Maternal Health Facts Slideshow

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Hungry kids in Mwanza

Hello from Tanzania! We’ve been living here in Mwanza, Tanzania for almost a year now, and it is sad to say, that every day I meet so many hungry kids on the streets. The economic, and political conditions in Tanzania also worsen this situation. So I decided to do something about it. Please check out