3D empowerment: 3D printing

Voices of Africa Foundation has worked in 3D printing in the past and it was a wonderful project using amazing technology. Learning by doing and making can be incredibly powerful. We learned so much we can carry forward to today. Our objective is to have three projects in 2021. Our pads projects, a 3D printer for Pwani Teknowgals, and a […]

Period poverty is Poverty, Period.

Voices of Africa Foundation has restarted with a small project to empower girls to stay in school. Period poverty, the lack of access to hygiene products, causes girls all over the world to miss school every month. In Kenya, more than half of the girl’s Action Aid surveyed suffered from Period Poverty. We will work together with Together for Better, […]

Mind the Gap

This website had not been updated since 2017 until recently. That is 4 years ago and those have been 4 very interesting years. The world went topsy-turvey at the results of an election and suddenly all of the best-laid plans vanished. Even with a new President at the helm of the United States, we have been searching for a stable […]

A Strong Team of Women

We are incredibly blessed by the amount of strong ass women in our lives. We are a force that is much greater than any one of us alone. This week has been a tough one and without my dream team I wouldn’t know how I could handle another day. In Dar es Salaam, Adella did a Usability Study of the microscope at […]

It cost me an arm and a leg…

3D printing limbs in East Africa I have said this countless times giving it only passing thought. This saying is often passed off under your breath, or when describing a shopping experience gone wrong, usually when you buy something that was too expensive. However what would be too expensive for you to have to give up an actual arm or a […]