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Boxes of Love! Show African children you love them!

Boxes of Love! Show African children you love them!

We are running a new campaign!

Boxes of Love is an invitation to everyone who has a Shoebox and a few extra items in the house to send love to children in Africa. Our preference is for the things on our Wish List but we would love anything as we are starting with nothing. We have four children’s homes in Mwanza working together to serve over 100 children! In our women’s health project in Magu we will be able to serve thousands of women. None of us can do it alone, but if we can all fill a Shoebox of Love we can make REAL things happen and change lives.

We request that each Box of Love weighs no more than one pound and has $5 (or 5 pounds) inside to pay for the shipping.

Be SURE to add a picture of yourself for our Wall of Love photo collage project. So your gift of Love will stay with us.

In the United States send to Voices of Africa c/o Kevin Borgersen  @ 144 Stewart St Asheville NC 28806.

In UK message us for an address.


If you want to send to us directly send to Voices of Africa PO Box 1120 Mwanza TZ. Care of Crystal Kigoni only. And write community donations not for resale in big letters on the box.

Questions? Contact us.


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