3D printed medical tools

3D printed medical tools can save time, lives, and money.

A lack of access to medical tools means millions of women and children die needlessly.

Most medical tools in developing countries are imported from developed countries. Some countries such as India have been able to start their own medical tool companies, and supply a majority of the health care institutions with local products. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of East Africa and many other countries with small economies.

In Tanzania where the infant mortality rate in some locations is as high as 10%, we needed to develop and deliver solutions on how healthcare providers could access Just in Time tools. This is in part as a response to the gaps within the current medical tool supply chain which is an impediment to saving women and babies.


While VOA is interested in any medical tools that can serve the population, we began by addressing three important sectors:

Birthing kits – prenatal and antenatal tools for the mother and baby

Basic medical tool kits – there are a handful of basic one time use medical tools that are in short supply

Diagnostic equipment for current and new disease detection

The prototypes can be found in our ReFab project repository here.

You can also read Feasibility Study, the basis of the research defining the project here.