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eMagine a new Africa like our friend, Moses Londo

eMagine a new Africa like our friend, Moses Londo


eMagine Development Consulting is a new company founded by Voices of Africa members, Crystal Kigoni, Nick Kungu, and Advocate David Muthama. They have have registered in Kenya to support the work of Voices of Africa Foundation. The purpose of the company is to enable our team to be able to help other organizations to develop projects in the critical areas of technology, development for improved healthcare and education, and law. The first project is to provide legal council to refugees in our Refugee Law Project. But this blog post isn’t about our new company. Our work is about the people we meet everyday and we were recently blessed to work with one young Tanzanian who is especially noteworthy.

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Moses Londo grew up loving fine art and drawing. In secondary school, his passion was Street Art and he contributed to many murals in Dar es Salaam. As he grew, he knew he wanted to use those skills professionally so started to study graphic design.

Moses is a young Tanzania bursting with talent and am ambitious future. Besides doing logo design and graphics arts, he is passionate about film making and has been honing his skills in video editing. Together with 3 friends, Moses started OneLove Design and they have recruiting clients predominately in graphics and branding. At present, they are welcome new companies to become onboard. He dreams of specializing his services to help other Tanzanian entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses.

Check out Moses’ portfolio here To see how he can assist you or your organization contact him at

phone number +255 715 220 918,
Twitter : @moseslondo.

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