ReFab #Hack4HealthAfrica 3D Design Challenge


  • Start Date:14-02-2017
  • End Date:20-03-2017
  • Start Time:10:00
  • End Time:17:00
  • Location:Dar es Salaam, US and Canada


  • Organized by:Crystal Kigoni, Innovation, Michelle Santoro, Adella salum
  • Mobile:
  • Website:
  • Address:Dar es Salaam

About this event

ReFab believes we can use 3D printing and design to bring better healthcare to Africa.

Through the Hack for Health Design Challenge, we are encouraging all interested participants to register by February 12 as a team or an individual seeking to join a team.

Each group will select a Challenge Category to work on. Challenge Categories are:

Healthy Mamas and Babies: Prenatal toolkit Neonatal aspirators

HIV prevention: Infant Mogan clamp alternatives Prepex placement and removal tools

We hope to be able to built virtual teams connecting participants in Tanzania with team members from around the world. Teams should have been 2-4 members. A group could contains a programmer, a 3D designer, a project manager, and a healthcare professional. Students are encouraged to participate.

The Challenge officially opens February 14 and closes March 20. All designs will be printed and shared on the ReFab Dar and Voices of Africa websites by the end of March with credit given to each group for their work.

The winners to be selected by March 31.