Final Day for Voices of Africa RocketHub Campaign

Our RocketHub campaign will be finished tomorrow Feb 28 at midnight. We want to thank everyone who gave in advance!
Asante sana!


Voices of Africa was indeed able to get the farm, but through means other than the fund raising campaign. It came through the form of a partnership with the African Woman Alliance with whom we will work to help in the field of maternal health using tablets and Android app in the Lake Zone for two years. We are able to hire one person onto the project to help coordinate the activities in the schools and clinics for 6 months through this campaign. Additionally, Voices of Africa will be able to feed 4 children for a month and help them to learn basic computer skills!


Our computer project is stalled at the moment because of unforeseen expenses and the fact that we do not have the 5 naming sponsors required to finish the project. This setback may be a set up for something better as we await word from some exciting potential partners.

There is still some time left if you would like to give to this campaign. All funds received from NOW until the end of the campaign will be used to feed and buy basic needs for street children. You will know where your money has gone as we will post pictures right here on this blog. We don’t just say it, we want to show it.


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