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From the Streets to Position 7!

From the Streets to Position 7!




Kulwa Maneno (A.K.A Ntagwa) has been an amaizing child ever since we met him. This term, he has done very well and emerged position 7 out of a class of 30 children in Joyland School.

We found him on the streets of Mwanza -Tanzania, homeless, hungry and clad in tattered clothes. As if that is not enough, his profile then gave a sad account of a negletected child left alone with her bedridden grandmother in Sengerema (a small town across lake Victoria 344km from Mwanza).

Despite all odds, today Kulwa is an overcomer glowing with hope in life. His dream of becoming a medical doctor still valid.

Moulding children like the ones we have is not an easy task, let alone getting them to sit and learn in a formal education system in Tanzania. It is worth to mention that God has given our team uncommon grace and love to embrace and raise these children otherwise deemed as the ‘least of us’.


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We still appeal for your generous donations to keep these children in school and support their needy immediate family members, who lack food to eat and daily basic needs.

The picture below is Kulwa’s grandmother’s single room house. When we visted recently during school holiday her grandmother was no longer home but admitted at the District hospital in Mwanza.



Join the action here! Your support means the world to our children.

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