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Gomba re-unites with his family!

Gomba re-unites with his family!


Anytime we have an opportunity to impact lives, we swing into action and activate lovely memories. And everytime a prodigal son returns home, there is celebration in heaven & on earth and joy beyond measure. This is a story about Gomba (a.k.a James-his street name).

Gomba left home sometime in January this year, and left a void that could not be filled in their family of 7. His reasons for depurture not clear to his parents. A rudy and well diciplined boy with a promising future. When we made contact with his dad at our work station in Pasiansi, we listened to an affectionate and loving father give a sad account of countless sleepless nights. His teary eyes affected all of us and the wight of it has etched a lasting impression in our lives.

It is worth mentioning that our work here is indeed very important, their parents had looked everywhere possible in Mwanza and given up hope in finding their son alive and well. When Gomba came to us we provided him shelter at Chez Kristo Home and provided him food, clothes, home schooling and tonnes of love. Thank you for giving  generously to support our work.

Today Gomba is with his family and they are all happy, however we have asked his former school to re-admit him and they have accepted our request. We need to pay his school fees and provide him with uniform and books to aid him through his secondary education.

Your support will make his dream of becoming a computer engineer a reality.

Join the action.

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