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Introducing our new partner HAGEPA (Handicapped General Partnership)!

Introducing our new partner HAGEPA (Handicapped General Partnership)!

Voices of Africa Foundation has partnered with HAGEPA as ICT and Project Management consultants to help bring relief from the suffering of disabled persons in Tanzania.

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HAGEPA is community based, not for profit making organization with the a vision for persons with disabilities in Tanzania. It was formally established in 1987 under the aim of raising awareness, capacity building, lobbing and advocacy to persons with disabilities, as well as other matters that concerns them.

Director Kalufya congratulating Sally Qazi National Planning Coordinatordirector's family (1)

The organization was formed to address the challenges facing persons with disabilities in access of their rights, care, participation and involvement in the society. It was aimed at creating different social and economic activities with the aim at increasing the social economical status of person with disabilities in accessing basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare services, poverty reduction and wealth creation.

fuel-less wonder stoveCovenant bank manager consigning cows

To learn more about HAGEPA please visit

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