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Milk and Cookie Baseline Studies

Milk and Cookie Baseline Studies

VOA has been able to conduct two baseline studies to gather information from the girls that will help us to better understand how we can help them and if the girls selected are a good fit for the project.

In an effort to make friends with the girls and to be an appropriate support system we gave all the girls milk and cookies as an afternoon snack as we were able to spur discussion from the girls on menstrual-related issues. We learned from these informal surveys and talking to the girls that in addition to needing pads, they were also in need of fresh undies to wear them in.

With this information, we were quickly able to pivot and we will be including 3 pairs of underwear in each Dignity Kits. With this pilot making such progress and being well on its way, we want to encourage people to support us in giving these Dignity Kits to as many girls as possible to stay in school and not to miss days due to their normal body functions.

We chose to distribute milk and cookies as a healthy alternative to many of the snacks and sweets found for munching after school. As we respect the time the girls gave to us, we wanted to give them a special treat as thanks.

The next step for us is to continue to fundraise for the implementation of the first pilot phase of the Dignity Kits project and to start working on the next 2021 project, 3D printers for empowerment. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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