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More than a charitable cause!

More than a charitable cause!

Our highest priority right now is to meet the needs of 20 children at Chez Kristo Home who were previously living on the streets. Children, like the ones we have, have deep and multi-faceted needs. We provide them food, education, clothes, shelter and cap it up with tonnes of love.

Voices of Africa Trust, completely believes this is more than a charitable cause, it is a critical investment in children and society.

We have started to enroll the children in school. Our 5 youngest children now attended Joyworld Primary School. It costs us $1 each per day for their education, transport, and school fees.

That is $30 each per month (not including uniforms). The other expense we desperately need help with is medical care for the children. It would cost us $10 per month per child for health insurance and minor tests and onhealthy medicines cost about $10 per month. Our greatest need is to find 20 people who are willing to sponsor one child at a cost of $50 per month. It is fast and easy through our PayPal monthly contribution option.

All donations are 100% tax deductible in the United States. If you think about it, just spending one night at home with your family when you could have gone out can change the life of a child forever. If you dont have the finances to help, can you please pass the word to someone that you know who does? Maybe businesses would like to sponsor a child and have their photo on our donors page?

Please assist us in any way you can to help these children and more in the future!

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