Muhaka Secondary School Pads Distribution

Written by Ali Bwengo

Last week, our team in conjunction with Together for Better Foundation distributed the first batch of thirty (30) reusable sanitary kits to very needy and vulnerable girls at Muhaka Secondary School in Kwale, south coast of Kenya. 

Each kit contains; six re-washable sanitary pads & a tailored infographic flyer to aid application.

We also had a virtual learning session via zoom facilitated by Together for Better Foundation and the Voices of Africa Board. And the objective of this forum, first off was to demonstrate how to apply the pads, and secondly teach them how to take of themselves during their menses. 

Apart from affording these girls a fresh lease of dignity and confidence, and the health benefits; these reusable kits will save these households a great deal of cash. These reusable pads have a mileage of 24 months and all it needs is the thorough cleaning with ordinary soap and clean water.

To what end? Voices of Africa, through this pilot, intends to demonstrate that it is possible Stop period poverty and empower teenage girls around Africa to dream beyond and achieve all their dreams.

Girls’ views.

Reusable and washable pads kits is the only solution for us, since I have been spending a lot of money on other pads which sometimes my parents could not afford every month and missing my classes, I am encouraging the Voices of Africa Foundation to support and empower more girls and end the poverty period cause it has been the challengesays Fatma

This affected the girls’ attendance because they opted to stay at home out of fear of being embarrassed at school in case they stained their clothes.

Menstrual hygiene is very essential for women and girls and if not managed properly, it can lead to infections. Women are always cautious not to stain their clothes when in public.

Girls in rural setting-like schools are more vulnerable because sanitary pads are not affordable for many of them. They are ready to learn on how to make reusable menstruation sanitary pads.

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