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Nchambi tops his class!

Nchambi tops his class!

street children on rags

Street children in Tanzania suffer a great deal. Most of them are neglected & abused, and left homeless to fend for themselves.

As i write this, it is a cold and chilly morning in Mwanza. I am wondering who will provide them a warm jacket or get them a warm bowl of porridge like their peers? I am deeply saddened when i try to imagine how their night will be. How cold will the pavements be? How warm will their cosy nylon sheets keep them? And i wonder who will protect them as they spend the night in the open.

Nchambi, was reduced to a begger every evening at the infamous street lights (‘kwenye mataa’). If you missed him during the day trodding the streets with a filthy sack of plastic bottles (makopo) on his back we were rest asured he will be at the shanties (‘Mabatini’) watching a movie while his peers are in school.


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It is from that background that Nchambi has risen to emerge top of his class this term at Joyland school. Who would ever imagine that this would possibly happen? Children who were once written off and forgotten most of whom relapsed into illitracy, taking the challenge and outdoing their peers in class. Who would ever imagine a street child in a formal class, learning to read and write and getting better at it.

Our work here is very important and dependent on your support. We need to support the education of these children and reward them to reinforce their outstanding performance in school.

Currently we are working on admitting five of our older children into secondary school. We believe in giving every child an opportunity in Education because this is pivotal to their future.

Thanks to you Mediterraneo Hotel & Restaurant Dar Es Salaam Tanzania & Muslim Hands France for making this possible!

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