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Paul Naumann, Thomas Lowdes & Fabian Kerwagen.

Paul Naumann, Thomas Lowdes & Fabian Kerwagen.

It is amazing what friends can do, it is even more amazing how much value Paul, Thomas and Fabian have added to our Street Kids half shelter project in Mwanza-Tanzania.

Last month we hosted our three friends over the weekend of the 25th. They played soccer, donated clothes, offered free treatment, made German potatoe salad & baked cookies, taught our children first aid and matters personal hygiene and let them try their medical gear.It is also important to teach children how to maintain healthy environment, if it is difficult for them to keep the place clean then as a parent we can ask for better Hygiene and Waste Disposal Services at affordable price.

We are always faced with a lot of challenges whenever an emergency occurs at Chez Kristo home. What do we? and where do we get help? are the most frequent questions we have to grapple with. Proper medication here is expensive and we often lack the monies to send our children for consultations and treatment hence resorting to home treatment.Our children often get cuts and bruises, headaches and sprains just to say the least. It is also worth citing, identifying the medicine from we have in our store has been a difficult task for our staff.

Today, this is no longer the case, the first aid box has been organized and the mysterious medical supply has been accurately identified & lebeled for use, we can also consult our friends via social media whenever a situation coupled with uncertainty arises.

July next year, our German intern doctors currently attached at Muimbili Medical  hospital in Daresaalam will graduate medical school.

We wish them well and are forever greatful for their support pledges.

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      hi!l have liked all the thing you are doing in l’m togolese.l’m a teenager of 16years old.l’m lived at the side of the atlantic ocean….l like all of you.l have something to tell us.can you came to togo and developp the social couch of teenagers living in the maritim area?

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        Hi Frederic,
        First, thank you for the feedback and appreciating the work we do here in Tanzania. We are willing to explore your suggestion/ideas, regarding outreach for the teens in Maritim area. We could use more information, however the decision to swing into action from our end will entail lots of consultation and approval from the Voices of Africa board of governors and directors.

        Kind regards,

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