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Prinpo Technologies

Prinpo Technologies

Today’s buyers demand mass customization, local production and sustainable materials, all of which 3D printing can provide.

Now let us look at 3D printing in the education system.

It lets us solve more problems physically than just mentally. Revolutionizing the way of learning. Incorporating the imaginative ideas into reality. Let’s us not just think of something and guess it will work but create something then see how it will work.

“Now I believe when I see but not when I imagine”. Things are accomplished when done and seen but not when just said and heard”

What is PRINPO technologies?

PRINPO technologies is a company that deals with 3D printing technology in terms of incorporating it within the education system. Using 3D printed modals, 3D printers and 3D designing.

What is the problem?

In Tanzania (Africa), the lack of teaching aids within learning institutes cause inadequate understanding for students. Students find it very hard to understand the technical and physical concept of the materials being taught.

What is our solution?

Incorporating 3D designing and printing within schools and any other learning institution.

Advantages that 3D printing provides are endless.

Increase student’s performance, Increase/ promote understanding to students, Involving students with practical learning, Enhancement of student to teacher relationship by promoting engagement while teaching and learning, Rapid prototyping of the teaching aids.

Why should schools use 3D printers?

According to the technology of 3d printers, students can touch and hold objects which can help tactile learners. 3D printers can bring students creation to life which can be a powerful learning experience and printing out prototypes can help students refine their designs and better understand the creation process.

Due to the fact that this technology is fairly new to Africa therefore it is a challenge integrating and incorporating it within the education system. With more awareness and usage of this technology I believe that soon or later on in the future it will be widely used in Africa and will be extremely beneficial.

So I say let me and  you start a trend,let’s use 3D printing more and educate them.


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