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School Admission for the Youngest Kids!

School Admission for the Youngest Kids!

Our five youngest children at Chez Kristo have joined Joyland Day School, a small, low cost private nursery and primary school in our neighborhood. We have been working with the government to put the children in public schools but have been suffering as they were refused due to lack of birth certificates. This is an issue we are working out with the Ministry of Education and Department of Social Services. While searching for options we found this beautiful initiative in the Mwanza community to provide high quality education at an affordable price. When they heard of our plight, the were immediately willing to work with us to take our boys in their school.


It has been eight months of evaluating the kids, homeschooling, and skills development. Boy! They have have been changing mentally, physically and socially; from street life to the life of staying with as well behaved gentlemen. Voices Of Africa has manage to take 5 of our youngest boys to private school. The school does not beat children, has small class sizes, and was truly established for the love of children.


We pay $40 per child per month. $200 a month for 5 children. This includes lunch and transportation. We still have challenge with the remaining kids who cry everyday “When are we going to¬†school, too?” The public Tanzanian school has still not accepting them so our Director is in Dar es Salaam to meet with the legal adviser and relevant ministries. We want to take them to higher primary and secondary school but are expensive, higher primary and secondary are $100 each per month at other schools where they do not beat or can the children. Thus we need $1000 a month to meet the gap and have all the children in good educational facilities that will provide an opportunity for their futures.


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To sponsor one of the children also desiring a good education, please email us at


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