St. Joseph Secondary School Dignity Kits!

By Charles Aduma

Voices of Africa Foundation has risen to the universal clarion call to end poverty. Our impact laden efforts, primarily driven through cutting edge tech and innovation; are all consolidated to end period poverty and discrimination against women and girls in the global arena. 

Our re-usable sanitary pilot, aims to wipe away tears of misery and hopelessness with view to deliver hope & resilience; hence empower the most vulnerable teenage girls who would otherwise miss school or worse drop out. 

This pilot is very important because its success means that countless teenagers in Kenya and Africa stand a chance to sustained education and empowerment against all odds.

Together for Better Foundation through her re-washable genius (pads) has enabled us to empower and keep girls in school. Each and every beneficiary received reusable ‘’dignity’’ pack of 6 re-washable sanitary towels and an application aid (info-graphic). It is worth mention, that each kit has a life span of 2.5 years, and all it requires is ordinary soap and clean water. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, these towels are plastic free (as they are made out of cotton) and are deemed very friendly to the environment as compared to the single use sanitary towels brands in convenient stores. 

During distribution, at St. Joseph Secondary School in Kisumu County, our beneficiaries had a virtual class via zoom, and the goal was to demonstrate how to apply the towels and most importantly how to take care of themselves during menstruation.  We also got very critical feedback through role-plays and games, on preferences and habits that were captured in motion pictures, all this will inform our next steps forward and help us monitor and evaluate appropriately.

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