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Transformation galore!!

Transformation galore!!


Chez Kristo Home is now 1 year and 3 months old and our work is very important, rescuing and impacting lives of gifted children that were formerly neglected and let to waste away in the streets. And this needs to be sustained through your committed support, otherwise we will greatly loose out on the lasting gains we have made in their lives.

September has been an eventful month and we have had our fair share of highs and lows. Lows that have taught and opened our eyes to the realities of running a half shelter for  former street children in Mwanza-Tanzania.


Our¬†child friendly team of adults is committed to “creating an environment for our children to discover their gifts and potential and do things on their own”. This approach catalyses holistic change, and in turn gives way to hernessing gifts and talents, sound rehabilitation, education and happy family re-union episodes. We then follow through by first, demonstrating love by being there for our children, providing food, clothes, education, shelter and medicare. Our children are lovely and beautiful in every way and deserve a chance to become their dream.

October has come with good tidings, and small miracles that mean everything to us have kept us afloat, leaving us completely in awe of God. Our children are growing stronger and healthier and word in is that we are soon to play host to Star Tv, who will tell our remarkable stories to the world through motion pictures.

Heena having a chat with David “Msabato”
Selfie with the boys
Mlokozi employing the fork and knife at Dinner time
Bahati and his acrobatic manouvers at the pool.
The voices of africa “seals” having a fun!!

During the first week of this month we had Heena and her friends visit our work station. They have given our work a boost by paying rent for our farm house and donating gaming kits and their time to be with us. Our children had a blast at Malaika Resort and got thrilled by the lifts up and down the floors, a buffet and swimmming treat. We really appreciate the love and the compassion behind this act of kindness.

Thank you Heena!!

Donate a dollar and support our children; Join the action and stand to be counted!


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