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The second term of school begins!!

The second term of school begins!!

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Today, all the school going children in Tanzania resume class. Apart from the first 5 at Joyland School, we have another 2 and 3 boys, who have joined Mnarani and Bwiru schools respectively. Our children are so excited to go and learn with their peers in school.

We still need to send the remaining 9 children to secondary school. In Tanzania, you are required to provide transcripts and transfer letters to secure admission in any secondary school. This has not been easy because our children were formely living on the streets and most of them are orphaned and homeless.

Our team is hopeful that we will breakthrough. Voices of Africa Trust is therefore appealing to you to donate to our cause. We badly need to send these children to school and provide their school fees and get them pens, books, shoes, bags and school uniforms.

Join the action! Empower a former street child!




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