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Update from Crystal

Update from Crystal

The past few months have been incredible for Voices of Africa Foundation. We started our Chezo Kristo project with 28 boys the beginning of July after many weeks of Super Sunday outreach. Boys come and go as we are a free school not a prison, but we believe the 20 we have now will stay.

We rented a house for the boys. There aren’t any furnishings yet but surely it is better than sleeping outside hiding between rocks fearing discovery by the police.


We have purchased books and Fiesta, Ali, and Collins are actively teaching classes daily.

Education is priceless!

It is wonderful to see the children grow and learn. Before the year is finished we are hoping to have a proper outdoor classroom.

Mwalimu Fiesta teaching
Mwalimu Fiesta teaching

Our shamba is in full swing and is growing much of our vegetable supply. It has been a battle and learning process about tropical bugs and diseases. However we have found organic ways to combat the worst of it.

Groundnut crop

Our member, Collins, brought a motorcycle for the staff to use…


And just two days go our little family organization got our first car!

The happy family welcoming the sweet Bush Beast!
The happy family welcoming the sweet Bush Beast!

Oh, the places we will go!

Our newly beloved Bush Beast
Our newly beloved Bush Beast

Things are going great here at Voices of Africa and the sky is the limit!


We welcome you to join us! Karibu sana rafiki!

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      Greetings Crystal,

      My name is Ruth and I came across your name and organization through Karatbars. I would like to commend you on the great job you are doing there in Africa. May God richly bless and reward your efforts.

      Understanding the benefits that Karatbars offers, I would love to use it to help another organization in Uganda called Children of Peace Uganda. My aunt is the founder and is involved in rehabilitating children who have been affected by the war some years back in Northern Uganda. I would love to know how Karatbars has been used to benefit your organization so that we could use it as a fundraiser for Children of Peace Uganda.

      I would appreciate to hear from you.

      Kind regards,

      Ruth Tombe

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