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Why we need your support.

Why we need your support.

Kulwa Maneno on the left with tattered grey t-shirt at Makoroboi.

Today we are hoping beyond hope that the Muslim Hands grant transfer will arrive soon which covers our rent expense and a portion of the food. (fingers crossed). The last three months have been very difficult because we have been struggling to pay rent, feed 20 plus children at Chez Kristo Home properly, pay for school fees, and meet our recurrent expenditures. Our pigeons are full of notices of arrears just to mention but a few.

But still the silent voices on the streets of Tanzania is screaming out loud in our ears, in need of unconditional love. I must say that these voices that are not easy to hear because we are engrossed in our affairs, open your ears and see; they pass by us, stretch their hands towards us and even hang annoyingly at the supermarket entrance hoping to get a bite from you. This is the sad picture that keeps the outreach fire within our team alive.

Kulwa Maneno ready for his first term at Joyland school

Our work in Mwanza is very important. Because we rescue gifted children that would otherwise relapse into illitracy and miss out on the action. Children that have been abandoned and left alone to fend for themselves. Most of these children like the ones we have, find themselves lost in between domestic violence or hopeless in broken homes. Some of them are pushed out of school and out of their child headed homes because of serious hunger pangs with no one to provide for them.

We met Kulwa Maneno at Makoroboi street a year ago and we could hear his silent voice crying out for help. Thank God, we crossed paths and now he is top 10 in his class. Chez Kristo home is a refinnery, turning destitute children otherwise deemed useless and neglected into gold. Maneno wants to serve in the military and give back his all to his mother land. His patriotism is profound and his sharp dream has cast a shadow on his former street life.


The support you will give us today, will provide this child with an education and actualise his dream. I am appealing to you to join the action here because your aid is significant!

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