Karibu! Welcome!

Welcome to the Voices of Africa Foundation!

Vision Statement

Our vision is to live in a just world without abject poverty. To this end, Voices of Africa will foster sustainable development in Sub Saharan through information empowerment and fair trade.

Voices of Africa Foundation was created to support grassroots change making agents and organizations to use technology to better serve their people. Our social enterprise company works by pairing local knowledge and foreign expertise for improved educational and healthcare outcomes. Healthcare extends past the walls of the hospitals in our communities. A broader approach to development is required for long term sustainable impact. We believe in sustainable development, empowerment through charity and good works, and change.

All of our labors and profits are re-invested directly in charity…

Voices of Africa runs “Chez Kristo” halfway house for young homeless gentlemen age 8-18 to break the cycle of poverty. These boys are provided with housing, food, clothing, and education. Our greatest emphasis is on life skills development such as farming skills, how to work a job, and personal responsibility.

Our TabLab project will bring solar power and educational tablets to schools in Tanzania. These schools are sorely in need of book and other materials. We work under the premise that an empty mind leads to an empty stomach and are using technology to begin to bridge the gap.

All of the orphans and poverty of mind in the school system stems from a lack of healthcare in the village level especially for women. Voices of Africa partners with several Designated District Hospitals in in providing supplies for dispensaries and designing the new eMagine Afya healthcare management application. The project is called the eMagine Health and the work is cutting edge. This works in conjunction with our TabLab project and also bring solar power and tablets to healthcare workers.

To create sustainable systematic change in the field of healthcare, a continuum of care is required and we are happy to be partners with Afya Connect for Change in bringing a Healthcare Management Information Systems to all of the district hospital level facilities in the Lake Zone of Tanzania and beyond.

Voices of Africa Foundation also provides probono consulting services to small organizations working to do good for women, children, youth, and the handicapped in East Africa. For larger organizations, we offer a sliding fee scale through our sister company, eMagine Development Consulting.

All in all, we love the work we do Tanzania and we welcome you to join us anytime! Karibu sana!