About Us

We Build the Future!

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Voices of Africa’s mission is to empower impoverished women and youth to improve their communities sustainably through the use of innovative technology applications and fair trade income generation.


Voices of Africa Foundation has three focus areas:

  • Serving children, mothers, and youth
  • Emerging technology in education
  • Emerging technology in healthcare

Our long term goals and objectives:

  • Empowering communities to take control of their own development through information and education

  • To train both urban and rural women in Sub Saharan Africa to use information technology

  • To use the internet as a voice for the people

  • To foster international relationships and bridge the digital divide

  • To provide sustainable solutions to the Millennium Development Goals through ICT

  • To work in collaboration with women and youth to facilitate fair trade income generation

  • To increase the fair trade market share for women and youth from Sub Saharan Africa

  • To be a leader in the field of ICT for development from village to the government policy

  • To give communities the educational tools for development in four critical areas:

    1.  Environmentally sustainable development: Energy, Organic agriculture, Agroforestry,  Natural resource management, Appropriate technology, Waste management

    2. Health: Public health, Childbirth, Nutrition, Primary care, HIV / AIDS

    3.  Income generation: Fair trade, Social entrepreneurship, ICT skills development

    4.  Education: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary